Adršpach Rocks

Explore beautiful area with formidable rock "giants"

Beneficent night for the Broumov region / 2. 6. 2017

Beneficient auction of wines and artistic objects, music program and wine-tasting.

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Vinum et Cetera / 3.6.2017

Public wine-tasting of the best czech and moravian wines...

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Treasures of the Broumov region

Summer music festival...

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Interactive historical workshops

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LETTERPRESS - from March 2017

New educational program for schools

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Adršpach Rock Town is a smaller part of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, which are formed by cuboidal sandstone. Along with the Teplice rocks, these rocks make the largest solid rock town in the Czech Republic. These two rock towns are renowned European names as well.  The Rock Town is accessible by marked tour circuit, which you can walk individually or accompanied by a local guide with commentary. There is an entrance fee for the tour. Guided tour of the rocks can be ordered in Adršpach Information Centre or at the box office at the entrance to Adršpach rocks.

There is an upper lake situated above the Great Waterfall (Velký vodopád), which you can ride a boat on and on the lower lake (former sand pit) there is a boat rental. Adršpach also offers a number of rock terrains for rock climbing of varying difficulty. Rock climbing can be practised only in marked areas and under certain rules. Management of Protected Area Broumovsko appeals to the climbers, to observe conditions of the exception, especially no entry outside the permitted climbing area. Exception text is on the website of the Czech Mountaineering Association.

Among the famous rock formations of the rock town include Lovers (Milenci), The Mayor and His Wife (Starosta a Starostová), theJug (Džbán), Sugar Loaf (Homole cukru), Elephant Square (Sloní náměstí)... There is an upper lake situated above the Great Waterfall (Velký vodopád), which you can ride a boat on and on the lower lake (former sand pit) there is a boat rental.

Sandstone Lake in rock town Adršpach

The lake in Adršpach rocks is one of the attractive tourist destinations, there is a rivulet Metuje rising in the rocks giving power to the lake. There is created the Great Waterfall and Waterfall (Velký a Malý vodopád) by the outflow of Metuje from the Lake. We will get to the Lake along the trail with yellow sign and stairs that were made already in 1843.

Adršpach Sand pit is located in the National Nature Reserve Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, which is part of the protected area Broumovsko. This beautiful lake with limpid clear water and snow-white sandy beaches was created by inundation of the former Sand Quarry and is nowadays one of the most beautiful rock lakes in the Czech Republic.

Along the lakeshore runs 1,5 km long tour circuit and in summer season there is a boat rental – however, swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited with penalty. Because of its attractiveness, the Adršpach Lake appeared in many fairy tale movies, such as the Third Prince (Třetí princ), Joy from the Hell 2 (Z pekla štěstí 2) etc.

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