Monastery Broumov – Living European Centre of Culture and Education

Project within the program CZ 06 – Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts EEA and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014

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The aim of the project is to give the Benedictine Monastery in Broumov back its function as a centre of education and culture. The monastery is a national monument whose history dates back to the early 13th century. The monastery had been a natural centre of spirituality, culture and religion and economy within the region and had played an important role not only in the regional but also Czech and European history. At the time the monastery had formed personalities of multinational importance. Due to the unfortunate events after the Word War 2 the monastery had lost not only its economic background but also its active community of nuns and brethren and later on as a State Security (STB) archive. All those events had meant a serious decay for the region managed by Benedictines.

Due to the implementation of the preparatory phase the mutual partnership will be strengthen and transfer of know-how with the music band Engegard Quartet and four follow-up cultural and educational activities which are outputs of the project. Agentura pro rozvoj Broumovska (further referred to as APRB) has had a longstanding experience with some of activities whereas some of them are pilot ones. Thanks to this project and cooperation with foreign partners the realised activities will gain the European level, project activities will take place in appropriate spaces of the newly renovated monastery.

Including foreign partners will not only improve bilateral relationships between the involved parties but also improve the cultural dialogue and introduce cultural differences of Scandinavian partners to the Czech audience. The monastery will finally regain a European aspect of the centre of education and culture as it had many centuries ago. The cooperation is going to be a starting point of long-term cooperation on the mentioned activities and other future activities which will be implemented on the monastery premises.

The project brings a high quality programme with artistic values focused on various target group. Part of the program has an ambition and it is gradually becoming a household name not only within the Czech Republic but also central Europe. The music festival Za Poklady Broumovska ( Other activities include exhibition programme of Galerie Dům ( and supporting unique Site Specific project ( The second part of the programme is focused on supporting and optional cultural activities for the local community. The activity of Art Café offers quality cultural programme of club-like and café-like character for general public which is currently remarkable in the location of Broumov.

The high quality organisation team is a guarantee of high artistic standards of the activities. The team includes important artists that APRB has been cooperating with for a long time and has had good experience with them. The subproject implementation is organised by APRB who has more than 10-year experience with organising activities of this kind.

This project is supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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