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4. 6. 2022 | Favourite public wine-tasting

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Would you like to find your potentials in communication, rhetoric or decision making?

Would you like to discover your advantages and improve your skills and abilities that will help yourselves or your company? 

Would you like to find your wealth?

If you have a job requiring "soft skills" and you would like to improve these skills then you should experience our new seminars for firms and organisations in the Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov Monastery. Seminars take place in the revitalised premises of the monastery, in the former monastery grammar school or in the monastic garden. 

  • attendants can accommodate in the renovated benedictine rooms in the House of guests
  • seminars are lead by experienced lectors
  • premises can be used for conferences and workshops
  • new information, knowledge and unmissable experiences in a benedictine spirit

Contact and more information: 

Pavla Semeráková
Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov Monastery, Klášterní 1, Broumov, 55001
phone: +420 603 271 426


Communication skills

Aim of seminar: Improvement of the verbal and nonverbal communication skills Duration: 2 days Content: What is communication, How do we communicate, Verbal communication, Nonverbal communication.  Methods: Communication excercises,...


Presentation skills

Aim of seminar: Attendants will learn how to prepare an effective presentation, how to catch the attention of listeners, how to behave and communicate unaffectedly.  Duration: 2 days. Content: Forms of presentation, verbal...


Stress management

Aim of seminar: Attendants will learn how to fight the stress, how to resolve difficult situations more easily. Duration: 2 days. Content: What is stress, what types of physiological changes does it bring, burnout,...


Time management

Aim of seminar: Attendants will learn how to effectively work with time, how to manage planning of working time and free time.   Duration: 2 days. Content: Stock-taking of time, setting of priorities and...


Conflict Resolution

Aim of seminar: Attendants will learn how to resolve conflict situations at work and in life.  Duration: 3 days. Content: What is conflict, how does it develop, types of conflicts, type of personalities, nonverbal...



Aim of seminar: Attendants will get the primary skills in the area of moderation (of workshops etc.) Duration: 2 days. Content: What is moderation, moderation techniques, tips for moderators, culture of rhetoric, nonverbal...



Aim of seminar: Duration: 2 days. Content:  Methods: Practical exercising, analysis, tests. Price: 4 950,- CZK, lunch, refreshments and learning materials included. Every participant gets the...


Training of trainers

Aim of seminar: Attendants will learn how to prepare an interesting content of seminar, how to convey cruical information by interesting form, how to catch the attention of listeners. Duration: 2 days. Content: Preparation...



Aim of seminar: Better understanding of self-behaviour, feelings, abilities and decesions. Duration: 3 days. Content: Interactive form of self-discovering seminar. Methods: test of personality, interactive...



Aim of seminar: Self-discovery, advancement and deepening of the relationship in the team. Duration: 3 days. Content: Definition of team, team cooperation, team roles, negative aspects, prevention, decesions in...


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